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Get Answers to Your Questions About Lance's Cleaners in Hampstead

Q. What’s the best way to book my service?

A. We have a phone line, a live chat service and an online contact form – all of these can be used for quote requests, a general question or to make your booking. The best way to book is whichever’s most convenient to you.

Q. What’s included in my quote?

A. Your quote will be based on an hourly rate or a price for the work. In many cases your quote will also include any materials or equipment needed to complete your work. If this is not the case it will be made clear to you at the time whey you’re given a price. The only cost which is never included is parking fees, when you have free parking available there will be no parking charge. If there are parking fees there are charged at cost.

Q. Do you offer cleaning for business customers?

A. Yes. Most of our services are suitable for both business and private customers. If in doubt, just contact us. As a regular customer, you may even be offered discounted rates.

Q. Can I cancel a service if I need to?

A. Of course. So long as you give us 48 hours notice or more there’s no charge either.

Q. How do I know your cleaners are competent and honest?

A. All of our cleaners are subject to background checks before starting work. We provide initial training for all of our employees before they start work. Where the work requires the use of specialist equipment (carpet cleaning for example) our staff are certified in its use. Finally we have our own in-house quality control process. This encompasses both quality of work and standards of customer care.

Q. How do I find out about special offers or discounts?

A. Just ask when you contact us! Our customer support team will always make sure they offer you the best price for whatever work you have in mind.

Q. What do I do if I’m not happy with the work?

A. In the first instance tell the cleaner or worker involved. They may be able to put things right there and then. If this isn’t possible or you’re not comfortable talking directly to the staff member concerned call our customer support number. You will be listened to, your feedback will be appreciated, and we will work with you to make things right.

Q. And if the service is really top quality? Can I give a tip?

A. Of course you can! This isn’t expected of you, but if you choose to tip a member of staff this is between you and them. If you’d also like to leave a review that would be great!

Q. My question isn’t on this list, what do I do now?

A. Ring us or contact us via the site, whatever your question is our customer advisers will be happy to answer it.