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Book Lance's Oven Cleaners in Hampstead - Nobody Does it Better!

Spend a few minutes on the phone and save yourself hours of dirty work. When you book our oven cleaners in Hampstead you’ll get a premium service at a bargain price. It’s all down to the tools, as professional cleaners we invest in equipment that makes oven cleaning easier and quicker. The speed and efficiency of this service means we can keep our prices down and still give you a better result than you’d get if you did it yourself.

Book Lance’s Oven Cleaning in Hampstead for Any Cooker in Any Kitchen!

Book oven cleaning with Lance's Cleaners Hampstead for your electric or gas oven, for ranges, hobs or grills. Use us for your domestic cooker or call us for a professional service for commercial ovens in your restaurant or hotel. You’ll always get a quality service that’s easy to set up:

  • Get your free quote and book your cleaning 24/7 online or over the phone
  • Save yourself hours of work and end up with an oven that’s cleaners than domestic cleaning techniques can achieve
  • Set up your cleaning for any day of the week, including at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday
  • Benefit from eco-friendly cleaning agents and a fast, odourless cleaning process
  • Get a clean, sanitary oven that works more efficiently

Understanding the Difference Professional Oven Cleaning Makes

It’s not just about saving time, though that’s important. Lance’s professional oven cleaning relies on the use of a dip tank. Your cleaners will disassemble your cooker and place removable parts in the tank, along with powerful but environmentally-chemicals which lift even baked on grease and carbon. While the soaking is taking place, your technicians will clean the main body of the oven by hand. This approach means that parts of the oven that are usually inaccessible are easy to reach, and in the dip tank even the corners and edges of trays, grills and switches are cleansed. Once cleaning is complete the oven is put back together, polished and tested. You’ll end up with a cooker that works more efficiently so you may save money on future energy bills too.The whole process takes less than an hour for an standard domestic cooker and your appliance will be ready for use the moment the cleaners are finished.

Choose an Oven Cleaning Company That Gives You More for Less!

We’re more than just an oven cleaning company, we offer a variety of cleaning services. Your work will always be completed by reference-vetted cleaners, trained and certified in the use of any specialist equipment we supply. All of your work is delivered under full insurance and our commitment to eco-friendly cleaning services helps to keep your home or business green. You’ll find our base rates are very competitive and you may get even better value for money when you combine different services into a single booking. Ask about our window cleaning services, or maybe this is a great time to book deep one off cleaning for your kitchen so that the whole room looks as smart as your oven.

Book your oven cleaning in Hampstead in one quick call to 020 3404 0834. Contact us 24/7 online too, use our chat facility for an instant reply to any question or set up a call from us by leaving your details on our contact form.