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Book professional Hampstead window cleaners with the equipment to get superior results quickly. Choose water-fed pole window cleaning and your glass, frames and sills will be cleaned using distilled water. There are no chemicals use in this technique and there will be no smears. Your privacy is protected, as our staff work from the ground and the speed and safely of this technique means you get cleaner windows for an amazing low price.

Set Up Your Window Cleaning with Lance's Cleaners Hampstead

Our window cleaning in Hampstead is as simple to set up as it is to use. You could even get your service on the very day you contact us! You’ll benefit from:

  • Call us or use our chat service for an instant quote 24/7
  • Get a free quote with all time, labour and equipment included. The only possible extra cost is parking, so our prices are as transparent as your glass!
  • Arrange your service any day of the week, including weekends
  • Benefit from distilled water cleaning, more effective, longer lasting and run-off water is totally harmless to your garden
  • Use water-fed pole cleaning for any window up to the fourth floor, any higher and we’ll clean from above, using rope access window cleaning
  • Ask us about sticker removal for your windows too
  • Book this service for your residential, rental, or commercial properties. Pay special reduced rates for multiple properties

Choose Pole-Fed Window Cleaning Services in Hampstead for Speed, Privacy and Better Results

Because our window cleaning services in Hampstead are delivered from ground level you’ll never spot our window cleaners peering through an upstairs window. What you will see when you watch our technicians at work is a careful, professional approach. We’ll pass the brush attached to the extendible pole across every window not once but twice. The first pass loosens dirt and grime. The second rinses. The whole surface of the glass and sills and frames are all washed – you’ll be surprised how much difference this makes to the overall effect! Using purified water ensures that there are no deposits left behind, and over time this cleaning method actually sterilises the glass and leaves it resistant to future dust and grime, so your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Quality Assurance for Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning

Making sure you get the best possible results for your domestic or commercial window cleaning is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why all our staff are reference-checked before they start work. Lance's Cleaners Hampstead provides training and certification in the use of the equipment used for your window cleaning. Your service is fully insured of course, though we don’t expect you ever to need to call on this. Whenever you choose us for your cleaning in Hampstead you get a professional attitude and outstanding value. Use us for more than one task and you may even be offered a reduced rate. Other cleaning services we offer include jet cleaning, suitable for any hard exterior surface and gutter cleaning, which like our window services gets better results, faster by using the most appropriate technology.

Call us 24/7 on 020 3404 0834 for a free, no-obligation quote on window cleaning in Hampstead. Alternatively, get your quote or book online, either fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch or use the chat service on this site for an immediate response.